sneakpeek gender reveal

Early Gender DNA Test Offered to all Families in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area


SneakPeek is the leading provider of early gender DNA tests. With clinically-proven and lab-tested 99.9% accuracy at 8 weeks into the pregnancy, you can know your baby's gender as little as 72 hours after placing your order. Trusted by over 300,000 moms and obstetricians.

not  a  client  of  shanna  hinrichs  midwifery  care?  no  worries!  we  provide  the  service  to  all  families  in  the  dfw  area

For our clients, we will be providing this service in conjunction with a scheduled prenatal appointment at a discounted price of $99. For those who are not clients, the price is $129.


accurate  baby  gender  results  you  can  trust

Can’t wait to learn your baby’s gender? Join over 300,000 satisfied pregnant women who have gotten an early SneakPeek into the future with the easy-to-use, at-home gender blood test that is clinically proven to be 99.9% accurate at 8 weeks into pregnancy.

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